australian moms and dads

This Sunday, September 2nd is Father’s Day in Australia, and word around the outback is that dads are prepared to receive gifts valued at less than half of the value of those bought for Mother’s Day.

While moms (or mums, as they call’em) received Mother’s Day gifts with an average value of $60, dads are expected to see gifts valued around $28, says IBISWorld.

The spending, says analysts from IBISWorld, point to typical gifts for moms and dads; moms are usually treated to a luxurious gift while dads get a meal out at a restaurant. It’s estimated that restaurants will see roughly $165 million in sales this Father’s Day.

Analysts also say that dads are still seen as breadwinners that can buy themselves anything they’d like – and that perception hinders consumers looking to buy dad that perfect gift.

You can check out more details on IBISWorld’s findings, as well as the types of products likely to sell this Father’s Day (spoiler alert: $87.1 million estimated for electronics), but in the meantime, we’re left wondering if money can buy love – otherwise, dads aren’t being “short-changed” so much as saved from more stuff lying around the house. Aussie dads! Would you rather get a gift this year, or would you rather let mom have the “luxurious gifts” and enjoy your time out with the family!