Kelly Davis was watching his 2-year-old and 4-year-old daughters slide down the Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza, located in Chicago, when he saw a man rushing toward Myla, the youngest girl, last Saturday evening. The man grabbed the girl’s arm, muttering “This is my daughter, Goldilocks,” but Davis said he wrestled him away and then chased him through alleys and building lobbies before finally flagging down police.

If only we had an award for Badass Father of the Year.

Kelly is a father and kind of a big deal. The Chicago Tribune interviews him on camera.
Video by Chris Walker, subtext by 8BD.

Davis said the episode not only has been a hard reminder for him, but a harsh lesson for his daughters that “not everybody is friendly or nice and that there are bad people.”

“It was just a horrible experience. I have no doubt that if I had my back turned, he would have grabbed her and she would have been gone in the city and I would have never seen her again,” said Davis.

“As a parent, that love you have for your child, there’s nothing that matches that. I truly believe in the ability to lift a car or move a mountain when you feel like your child’s in danger.”

It’s a shame we have to teach our kids this lesson but it’s an important one. Ensuring the safety of children should be the number one priority as a parent, though not everyone is as street wise or safety-concious as Davis, 31, who lives in Zion and drives a school bus.

James Gates, 55, of the 1600 block of West LeMoyne Street was charged with kidnapping and battery, and is being held on $150,000 bail. Police say he has a record that includes armed robbery and drug possession.

In a related story, if you live where I do and follow on Facebook, you might have seen this gem today.

Yep, this is our justice system at work. The same folks that send 4 cars out to a domestic disturbance or an alleged possession of marijuana. If it’s speeding or illegal right turns they’re right on top of your sh*t, but if it’s an attempted child abduction without physical violence, f*ck ’em.

I admit that I only know of this incident based on what was written in the post by, but it’s more than familiar for the area we live in. Police are so scared and ineffectual when it comes to attempted kidnapping because of the lack of evidence, even though there are witnesses the will beg to testify in court.

It’s a sad day for everyone else when a badass dude named Kelly Davis has an opportunity to bring one of these sick f*cks to the light of justice. This should be happening before an incident occurs, before a child is abducted, before a child is raped and killed.

Be safe out there, especially at night. Stay vigilant. Be on the lookout for the safety of your kids and educate them on every possible situation when they’re out there on their own.

Do you or someone you know have an experience like this? Please feel free to share below.