baby train

Babies like trains. Babies like moving lights and colors. You just bought a printer to print out pictures of your baby. WAT DO?!

Well, if you’re this Swedish Reddit user named Vekturbrektur, you turn your printer box into a train. We got a hold of Vekturbrektur – or Victor – and asked him a couple more questions about his train.

There are an incredible amount of sour-pusses on Reddit who think that Victor’s killing his baby’s imagination or damaging his eyes. But we think this is just cool.

“With all the public transportation in the city my son has developed a big intrest of buses and trains,” Victor told 8BitDad. “We recently went to the train and bus museum here in town and that made the interest peak. He wont stop talking about buses and trains so the choice if what to make with our new cardboard box was a clear choice.”

baby trainVictor’s two and a half year old son play in the train, as well as his 10 month-old sister.

Victor continues: “I usually try and feed the interest he has at the time. A couple of months ago the personnel at his day care complained about that he was playing with the light switch, turning it on and off. I figured he liked buttons so I built a control panel on a piece of wood and buttons and switches from a hardware store. I try and keep an eye on the intrest of the day. Sometimes it can be fed with building stuff, trains or pillow forts and sometimes museums and outdoor activities is the way to go.”

This one’s easy-to-make: all you need is one printer box, some of the inside packaging (no plastic bags!), and some paint. Then, if you’ve got a tablet, sling it over the side and plop your kid inside. We’re no iOS gaming nerds, but we’re sure we see Toca Train on that iPad screen.

One Reddit commenter wants to remind parents that the American Academy of Pediatrics still recommends that parents steer their kids away from television until the age of 2. But hey, Victor’s kid is older than two, and he lives in Sweden, where the long tendrils of that pesky AAP can’t reach. Who knows, maybe this kid will grow up to be the next Caine.