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This last week, pictures emerged of rapper Snoop Dogg smoking the stickiest of icky with his son, Corde Calvin Broadus. But these weren’t leaked pictures from a friend’s cellphone or snapped by paparazzi – the young Broadus himself tweeted them from his account, @SpankyDanky.

Snoop Dogg, who just this year, released a book printed on rolling papers, defended it, asking in a Hollywood Reporter cover story “What better way to [learn] than from the master?” The pictures show Broadus and son smoking together, and even one of Corde lighting his father’s two-foot bong.

Snoop continued:

My kids can do whatever the hell they want. For me to say otherwise would be hypocritical. A lot of motherf***ers don’t have a relationship with their kids, and that’s when they get on drugs and have suicidal thoughts and drive drunk. Me and my son is mellow. I’m his father, so I wanna show him the proper way because he looks up to me.

You could say that Spanky Danky looks up to old man Snoop: Corde was somewhat of a hot football prospect, being headhunted by multiple universities, and allegedly rejected a possible college football scholarship to pursue his hip hop career.

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Relevant to the story.

The marijuana-while-parenting topic comes up from time to time, but usually with moms “taking the edge off,” not with dudes like, well, the guy to the right. Nonetheless, this issue is alive and well. Is Snoop Dogg right? Does smoking marijuana with your kid make the parent-kid relationship better? Or are you sending the wrong message?

While some sites declare Snoop the “coolest father ever,” and others question his parenting skills, he offers his take on legalization:

Go to Amsterdam or the Netherlands, where it is legal, and you see that the crime rate is nonexistent, the murder rate is probably under 10 percent, people learn to get along! There are people riding on bicycles being happy and it’s because of the environment that’s provided by the legalization of marijuana.

8BitDad attempted to contact hologram-Tupac for comment but he could not be reached.