Shooting in Connecticut

Police report that a Connecticut father unknowingly shot his own son, not understanding exactly what had happened until paramedics had arrived to assess the situation.

Late Thursday night, Jeffrey Giuliano got a phone call from his sister, also his next-door neighbor. Giuliano’s sister said that someone was lurking around her home, trying to break in. Giuliano took up arms and charged over to his sister’s home, where he found a man dressed in black with a ski mask on, holding a knife.

According to police, the intruder lunged at Giuliano, and they fought. Ultimately, Giuliano fatally shot the intruder.

It was only after the paramedics and police arrived that Giuliano discovered that the intruder was his own son, Tyler. No charges had been pressed as of Friday against Jeffrey Giuliano – a local elementary school teacher.

Evidently, Tyler was living with an adopted family – but to us, this boils down to the tragic death of a son at his father’s hand. Other details about Tyler and Jeffrey can be read in the News Times article, sauced below.