ice cream truck costume

You may have seen this story race across your Facebook timeline lately, collecting well-deserved “awww”s. It’s the story of a four year old boy named Carter, whose dad turned his wheelchair into an ice cream truck for Halloween.

We did some digging, and didn’t find much, but what we found, we wanted to share. First, here’s what Facebook had titled the screencap above (minus our graffiti): “Something to warm the heart. This child’s parents built his Halloween costume around his wheelchair. A parenting WIN if I’ve ever seen one.” That was George Takei’s take on it, at least. Other accounts were similarly-described as “You’re doing it right. A dad made the perfect Halloween costume for his handicapped son.”

So here’s the scoop, according to the info found on other sites. This screencap was from a YouTube video from October 2011. It went viral around January of 2012 when it hit Reddit. It was originally titled “My coworker’s friend’s son has spina bifida. Here’s the Halloween costume his dad made for him. Father of the year!”

The YouTube video has since been taken down, and the account was closed – which is a shame, because according to commenters on Reddit, Carter’s dad had made him a Batmobile costume for Halloween 2010 and there was a video of that as well.

Here’s the video, scraped from eBaum’s World:

This is an awesome idea from an awesome dad.

Also, this.