8BDIY Dad Andy

A dad living in Charlotte, North Carolina just scored major points with both his kid and the video game community after a simple DIY project that’s sure to please any video game-loving kid.

Andy, who spent a good part of the last 10 years in the event production and signage business, took his skills (and massive printer) and made canvas prints of video game characters to put on his 11 year old son’s wall. Awesome!

Andy first shared his DIY project with Reddit, where commenters were so wowed, that some actually offered to pay for Andy to make a reprint/reframe for them. We had to get a hold of Andy and have him tell us a little more about what he did and why he did it.

“Since I was a single father for the majority of his youth, gaming became something that I could share with my son,” Andy told 8BitDad. “As much fun as it was to play Resident Evil by myself I found it much more fun to play Spongebob or Harry Potter Games with my son.” Andy’s son picked up gaming and he started to surpass Andy in skill. Andy bought The Orange Box when his son was six years old. “He watched me playing Portal one Friday night and the next morning instead of watching cartoons he was on level 17 (5 levels further than I had gotten the night before),” said Andy. That day, Andy’s son beat Portal.

Andy had seen another Redditor that had purchased a Shadow of the Colossus print from eBay and posted pictures. It got Andy thinking. “The hard part is getting a high resolution image. I narrowed my Google image search to 2MP or higher then picked a few images I liked,” said Andy. He then headed to Photoshop and played with their resolution. Andy ran his prints on canvas on his Roland SP-540V, using Eco-Sol Inks. “Canvas is pretty forgiving so they turned out great,” Andy added. He went to an art store, bought frames and hung them in his son’s room.

8BDIY Dad Andy

Andy’s prints, framed and ready to be hung. Click for larger view.

This run of prints included art from Shadow of the Colossus, Assassin’s Creed III and Minecraft.

“We game regularly but have since both developed our individual styles of play,” Andy told 8BitDad. “I am strictly playing shooters where as he has diversified into all aspects of gaming and hopes to pursue a career in the industry.” Andy’s son even did a project on video games in his 3rd grade class.

Andy says that his 11 year old loved the prints. “Not only was my son stoked but so were his friends and quite a few people via my post online of the framed pictures,” Andy told 8BitDad.

Don’t bother asking Andy to print these up for you – even if you pay him, he won’t do it. “The problem with these images is I don’t know who made them,” Andy told 8BitDad. “They are all hosted on random wallpaper of blog sites. I know that people in China are printing them and selling on eBay but if it is someones artwork I don’t want to make money off of it.” He has, however, made some artistic “interpretations” of some screenshots he’s found, and sells those – and all of the proceeds go directly to help provide Martial Arts training and philosophy in underprivileged areas, via his Karma Fight Company store (on Storenvy).

Here’s what Andy’s son’s room looks like with the art hung:

8BDIY Dad Andy

Next up for Andy and his son? “We are working on a Half-Life 2 wall mural that is going to be 42in x 90in and a Black Ops Zombie themed print.”

If you’d like to make similar art but don’t have an industrial-sized printer, try finding large pictures in Google Image Search, then print them on letter-sized photo paper on your home printer. Frame, and you’re ready to go! We salute Andy the 8BDIY Dad and all other dads making custom stuff for their kids!