Bike Trail Commentary

If you’ve never wanted to grab your kid, some mountain bikes, and a GoPro, you will now. Check out the video after the jump – it’s of a father-son ride through a bike trail. The son, five year old Malcolm, has a GoPro strapped to his helmet and provides a running commentary during the ride.

What sweet corner of Endor is this, you ask? It’s the Hellion trail from Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire.

Also, if you’re just in this thinking “I hope I see the kid fall,” then first of all, you’re a jerk and second, just skip to 4 minutes in. And speaking of, dude eats it, gets up without hesitation, dusts himself off and starts riding again.

The kid makes the video. Dad’s clearly done this before, but the boy’s “LOOK AT THIS” and “DAD I DID IT” lets you know that this is Malcolm’s first ride like this – and since Malcolm absolutely killed it, it won’t be his last. Check it out:

What an awesome way to spend a day with dad.