Shaq and Panda

There’s tons of dads out there that love to frequent – why, with their mom-leaning content, their dad section that’s still got wet paint on it (and partially written by moms), and their relation to NickMom, it’s totally a haven for dads. Okay, not really, but I digress.‘s Brian got a chance to interview Shaquille O’Neal about fatherhood – strangely enough, at a Tupperware event.

For those of you that didn’t do your homework in Shaqematics class, dude grew up in a tough neighborhood in New Jersey. When Shaq was a baby, his biological father had walked out on his family, relinquishing his parental rights to Shaq’s mother and stepfather.

Shaq had some hard times growing up, but survived the streets at a local Boys and Girls Club. His stepfather told him that if he wanted to play basketball, to get out to that Boys and Girls Club, start playing and never give up. So, in short, he did – and midway through this NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers will retire Shaq-diesel’s jersey in the Staples Center.

O’Neal has five children, so he also knows a thing or two about fatherhood. Check out the story for Shaq’s parenting philosophies.