World's Fastest Pram

Colin Furze is just like any of us: he’s a guy, a dad, a hoodlum, and oh – he also holds three Guinness World Records, one for starting the largest bonfire. Furze hopes to extend his records to four after building what he hopes is the world’s fastest pram (that’s a stroller to us yanks).

Thirty-three year old English dad Furze built the stroller – and the sucker certainly doesn’t stroll; watch the video after the jumperooski. Also, for bonus points, Furze took some time to talk to 8BitDad about his creation, which although he didn’t say was more important to him than the Guinness record, we’re going to guess was.

So how do you make a Guinness World Record-setting stroller? Well, first you make the sucker drive itself. The best way to do that is to drop an engine in it – Furze chose one that’s 125cc, pushes 10 horsepower and has a four gears.

Furze already holds a Guinness World Record for the fastest mobility scooter.

But it’s not as easy as dropping a dirtbike engine into a stroller and letting ‘er rip. Quoth Furze (from his site):

As guinness had specified i had to stand in a normal pram pushing position i could not get in it or have like a pushchair style seat so everything had to be operated from the handle bar ,up and down gears accelerator brake start and stop which is more than most handle bars can hold with out getting messy so the twin rail idea evolved from this.

All-in-all, Furze spent about £450 (about $723 USD) on the stroller, and about four weeks of work. Guinness says he’s only got to break 30mph, but he’s clocked himself at nearly 50mph.

Check out the final product:

Now check out what Colin had to say to 8BitDad about the whole filthy affair:

8BD: So you mentioned you’re going to be a dad…

CF: I’m already a dad my sons name is Jake and he was born on 14th of September at 9.41am.

8BD: You also mention that the pram market is a “rather tame women orientated market.” Aside from making a megapram, what’s something pram-makers can do to attract dads to their brand?

CF: I think less plastic, as common things that men like are bikes, cars, tools and they’re all metal so although plastic is light it’s not strong looking and doesn’t reflect what we are used to handling (I know I’m generalizing a bit here). Also when we were looking for a pram I thought they were very overpriced for what you got.

8BD: What kind of engine did you drop into the megapram?

CF: It was a 4 stroke 125cc Pitbike engine (it’s based on the Honda cub engines).

8BD: You’ve broken multiple Guinness records. When will this megapram be officially judged?

CF: It will be judged on October 14th and for the first time I’ll be having an official from Guinness to come and adjudicate it, as normally I just send of video and wittiness reports.

8BD: What’s one bit of advice you’d like to give to all fathers?

CF: As I’ve only been a dad for 4 weeks I can only say what I hope I will do and to sum it up in a quote “don’t spoil your kids with toys, spoil them with your time” as I think kids get given too much.

Thanks to Colin for speaking with 8BitDad! We’re excited to see if the megapram breaks a Guinness World Record – and we’ll let you know if it does!