Movember: Learn, Fight, Be Awesome

By now, your Facebook timeline has been flooded with baby-faced dudes talking about Movember (it’s Day 5, you know). Maybe you know Movember has something to do with cancer awareness, or maybe you think this is all just for fun.

Movember, is in fact, a month of prostate and testicular cancer fundraising done the best way a man can: by growing a mustache and flaunting it like a peacock. The global trend is getting more attention this year, and even 8BitDad is getting in on the action!

The Plea:

8BitDad is proud to announce that we have three members raising funds on, all on the Dad 2.0 team: Bryan Ferguson, Nicholaus Noles, and me, Zach Rosenberg.

Please donate something to us! You can reach our Movember profiles through the following links (type the URL or click the image):

Bryan Movember URLNick's Movember URLZach's Movember URL

According to, “Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.”

Are Men Ignored?

In fact, a couple of months ago, a National Coalition for Men member by the name of Howard Goldman outlined in a petition to President Obama his grievances with the gender inequity of the Affordable Care Act. In his petition, he lays out four main points, but the one relevant today is:

Breast cancer screenings are fully covered without deductibles, co-pays or out-of-pocket costs, prostate cancer screenings require men to find a way to pay those extra costs or be denied preventative care.

Now, we’re not saying that women shouldn’t have adequate coverage for breast cancer – they should! But we, as men and fathers, want to bring attention to the things that are effecting our fellow men and fathers. Men need help diagnosing prostate and testicular cancer early, and at affordable enough costs as to not deter low income patients from getting preventative checkups and medicine.

The American Cancer Society estimated that the deaths for prostate and testicular cancer will be 28,170 and 360 (respectively) for 2012. The amount of people diagnosed in 2012 is estimated to reach a staggering 241,740 and 8,590 respectively. This means that between diagnoses and deaths of the two, an estimated 278,860 men will be directly affected in 2012 by those two cancers – and that figure doesn’t include people previously diagnosed and in (or not in) treatment.

Did We Mention That You Can Help?

So please – donate. For our fathers, brothers, uncles, sons and friends – and for the women who love them. Please click on one of our 8BitDad writers’ profiles and donate to one (or all!) of our Movember charity pages – no amount is too little!

Thank you!