Edward Timpson Is On the Job

A recent letter from England’s Children’s Minister Edward Timpson to the country’s Members of Parliament suggested that divorced fathers should have the legal right to see their kids. A child’s welfare, Timpson argues, is dependent upon shared parenting.

Legal experts called Timpson’s letter unnecessary, saying that the current law already outlines an adequate framework of shared parenting that ensures a child’s welfare.

Timpson insists that his proposition doesn’t presuppose equal shared parenting time. The courts, Timpson says, will continue to make decisions of custody and specific time allotments for parents if needed. His proposition merely assures divorced dads that they have a right to see their children as long as there is no evidence that they will harm them.

Though legal experts aren’t convinced Timpson’s letter will be effective, father’s rights groups in England applaud the move. The proposition is set to take effect next year.

Meanwhile, Across the Pond…

And in the United States, The Huffington Post highlighted a divorced father who is fighting for his right to have access to his son’s medical records.

Jack Frost, President of Fathers and Families New York, appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss how in the early stages of his marriage, he had to fight for the basic right to know about his son’s medical conditions. Frost says that his ex-wife had also issued a do-not-resuscitate order without his consent. When Frost talked to the doctor and advised her of his right to be involved in making a do-not-resuscitate order, he was ignored.

You can watch more of the HuffPo segment here: