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Mommyish Slams ‘Sexist’ Asda Ad
8 years ago

Mommyish Slams ‘Sexist’ Asda Ad

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Asda Dad

Mommyish writer Eve Vawter kicked off the Christmas season swinging at British grocery chain Asda. Vawter did such a spectacular job cutting into Asda’s mom-focused ad that we won’t have to!

Asda’s ad, titled “Behind Every Great Christmas There’s Mum,” illustrates the image of what I’m sure both men’s and women’s rights activists (and, uh, regular father-type dudes like us) dislike: the unthanked mom carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders while the rest of the family ignores her as if she’s a domestic robot. Meanwhile, dad’s busy eating, making a mess, or ignoring the kids.

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