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Fathers: Teach Your Kids to Be Gracious & Thankful All Year Round
8 years ago

Fathers: Teach Your Kids to Be Gracious & Thankful All Year Round

Thanksgiving BFD

I know, I know. It’s hip to be counter-culture and anti-establishment nowadays. But it seems like one thing that’s persisting is this Thanksgiving thing where we teach our kids to be thankful and gracious one day out of the year. And now that it’s over, there’s nary a whisper of being thankful about things. We’re onto bigger and better things, like the pursuit of the “perfect” (read: expensive, but bought on discount) gift.

As time has gone on, we’ve learned the not-incredible truth about Thanksgiving; the holiday’s based on a half-truth legend, and not an amazing one for race relations. Euro-dudes stormed New England, raped and killed the Native Americans, and then sat down to one nice dinner with them to learn how to farm. Then, of course, more raping and killing. Nowadays, Native Americans have got to love seeing stuff about Thanksgiving on television, as we get all pompous and self-righteously thankful.

But that’s like, all in the past. [Insert Awkward Silence]

These days, how do we usually show thanks in our own families? Typically, an uninspired, generic statement at Thanksgiving dinner, like “I’m thankful for my family – and all of you guys!” Sigh.

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