Dad 2 Come to Daddy

The Dad 2.013 Summit is fast approaching, and yesterday, the organization announced speakers for the event. They also put out a call for nominees for the “Dad Blogger Spotlight.”

Set for the weekend of January 31st, the Dad 2.013 Summit invites marketers, social media experts, brand representatives and parents to discuss the changing landscape of fatherhood, from voice to perception.

The full list of speakers can be found on the Dad 2.013 Summit link below, but we’re happy to see a good amount of gentlemen we’ve personally spoken about or with in the past, including Busy Dad Blog‘s Jim Lin, Beta Dad‘s Andy Hinds, Author C.C. Chapman, How To Be A Dad‘s Charlie Capen, DadCentric‘s Jason Avant and A Dad’s Point of View‘s Bruce Sallan.

In addition to the speaker announcement, the Dad 2.013 Summit team is looking for nominations for their “Dad Blogger Spotlight,” which will highlight five awesome dad bloggers at the conference. The bloggers get to read an article of theirs in front of the conference crowd, which is a great opportunity to celebrate an author’s voice, both figuratively and literally.

Know of a dad blogger that you’d like to nominate? You can visit the link above to do so. If you’d like to nominate a member of 8BitDad, please feel free, but drop us a line and give us a head’s up!

You can find more info about both announcements at the Dad 2.013 site, linked below.