Guard Your Goblins

For all of you dads that are into tabletop gaming, be advised: Teach Your Kids to Game Week starts tomorrow. For our Spanish-speaking readers, that’s mañana.

Teach Your Kids to Game Week runs this year from Monday, December 3 to Friday, December 7. It was started last year by a site called DriveThruRPG, who offers all sorts of nerdtastic tabletop gaming rule books available in print, or EPUB, MOBI or PDF.

There are tons of games on DriveThruRPG, but with a background in doodling, I immediately found Doodle Dice Monster, a game that requires you to draw monsters, then use dice to give them abilities. Once the abilities have been assigned, you battle with your monsters like other tabletop card games. And if you’ve got different colors and kinds of dice, those will apply to different abilities and characteristics in your monsters.

It might be time to bring your old Dungeons & Dragons dice out of retirement.

In the meantime, check out the Family Games section, or just jump right to the Teach Your Kids to Game Week deals. You can also check out DriveThruRPG on Facebook and Twitter if you need help choosing a game for you and your spawn!