Goldie Wilson Vanguard

As stay-at-home-dads become greater in numbers, make more purchases in the home, and spend more time with the kids, the question arises: how can stay-at-home-dads make themselves known and find greater acceptance?

They become a gender vanguard, obvi.

A press release by The University of Chicago Press attempts to point us in the right direction.

“Men who forgo the traditional breadwinner role to stay at home and become the main caregiver to their children,” says the press release, “face a loss of status as they invest in domestic skills that are traditionally associated with motherhood and historically undervalued.”

But wait, there’s a study that suggests that the simplest way stay-at-home-fathers have been able to break the stigma that initially came with ditching the breadwinner role in the household. The title of the study, and coincidentally, 2012 8BitDad Keep It Brief Award winner, is “The Status Costs of Subordinate Cultural Capital: At-Home Fathers’ Collective Pursuit of Cultural Legitimacy through Capitalizing Consumption Practices.”

In the study, Gokcen Coskuner-Balli and Craig J. Thompson investigate the avenues stay-at-home-dads have taken to become a gender vanguard, such as online forums and “yearly conventions and communal gatherings at public venues.”

We think that means conventions and meetups.

In the end, Coskuner-Balli and Thompson conclude that stay-at-home-dads have been effective; the tide is changing as brands and society – including other dads – tune in on a “more rewarding and socially redeeming model of masculinity and fatherhood.”

Check out the links below for more info. Thanks to dad blogger Jason Sperber for tipping us off to this study!