Bodybuilding Babble List

We love tooting our own horns, and in fact, we had a rib removed so we could do so. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that 8BitDad made Babble‘s Top 50 Dad Blogs of 2012. Not only that, but we came in at #25, which our math department advises is almost halfway up the list!

As you might have remembered, we didn’t make Babble‘s 2011 list. So, we took all of our writers, put them in a sausage maker, and fed them in wiener form to all of the new writers. It worked!

When you stop jumping up and down and pumping your fists, we also want to tell you that 8BitDad secured #6 in the “Most Useful” category and #8 in the “Best Group Blog” category (even though Babble says #8 and #10 respectively on their profile of us).

But enough horn-tooting. We want to thank all of the writers at 8BitDad for making this site a great place for dads and dudes to talk about fatherhood, and all of the issues that surround it. So, a big thank you goes out to Justin Westbrook, Nicholaus Noles, Richard Law, Tom Burns, Remy Stevensen, Justin Aion, Huckleberry Starnes and Mike Henderson.

Also, here’s a video of Bryan and I in our Myrtle Beach vacation/filming house, learning that we made the Babble Top 50 Dad Blogs list:


Finally (I know, like enough already), congratulations to all of the other fellow dad bloggers that we talk to, know, mention and like, (except for David “Movem’roid” Vienna, who did steroids during Movember stack the deck and donations in his favor). The other dad bloggers on the Babble list are awesome guys and we’re honored to be sharing the same list with them. Except, like we said, Vienna.