WTF Eagle

UPDATE: Evidently, this video was faked. But it’s a great fake. Original article below…

No, seriously, WTF?

Not that we’re scared or nothin’, because, you know, eagles are like, totally a thing only in movies, but have you ever seen something like this?

Evidently the story goes like this (with flair added): dad’s at a Montreal park with his child, when suddenly, a golden eagle swoops down from out of nowhere and grabs the kid. The eagle’s like “OMG, this is a person, not a field mouse” and drops the child. Then some dude is like “I HAS IT ON A VIDEOTAPE” and everyone’s like “that’s not tape dude, it’s digital.” Then, hearty laughs.

Here’s the video that the screencap is from:

I’m sorry, but if this sort of thing can just happen, then all bet’s are clearly off and the terrorists have won. Then again, it’s Montreal and they’ve got national health care down here. Bald eagles in the United States wouldn’t dare do this sort of thing unless they knew you were at least on an HMO and you’d bleed-out in a waiting room somewhere fulfilling the American dream. Bald eagles are awesome like that.

Seriously though, WTF? Evidently golden eagles aren’t to be trifled with.

Thanks Beta Dad for posting this on Facebook, via Deadspin, via Reddit. As always, the Reddit comments don’t disappoint. You should spend an hour perusing them.