Home Alone

According to The Washington Times, fathers are disappearing from households across the United States, and the trend is hitting African Americans the hardest.

Thirty three percent of children in the United States are now living without a father, compared to a recorded 11% in 1960.

The Washington Times notes something that we’ve unfortunately heard before: fatherlessness is highest in the African American community. Income is the “primary predictor,” says Times writer, Luke Rosiak of the the most recent census data, but fatherlessness is “overwhelmingly a black problem, regardless of poverty status.”

Stats on race culled from the article:

  • In every state, 7 in 10 White children live with both parents.
  • In all but 11 states, “most” Black children do not live with both parents.
  • Among Black families, 54% of children live with only their mother.
  • In all states but Rhode Island and Massachusetts, most Hispanic children live with both parents.
  • In Wisconsin, 77 percent of White children and 61 percent of Hispanics live with both parents (compared with more than 25 percent of Black children).
  • Maine, Vermont and West Virginia have the lowest dual-parenthood rates for Whites.
  • 12% of Black families below the poverty line have two parents present (compared with 41% of Hispanic families and 32% of White families in similar economic conditions).


The National Fatherhood Initiative’s Vincent DiCaro says pressure on the poor causes more kids. “When you have very little going for you in your life, having children can give purpose to it,” says DiCaro. “If you’re married, you’re going to be much more cautious. There’s health care costs and our jobs, whereas if we were both just kind of doing whatever, then why not just have another kid?”

The article suggests that other reasons for fatherlessness include incarceration and death, but just as many seem to be the attitudes of young couples to not wanting to be tied down in a relationship.

If you want to read more of The Washington Times article, check the link below.