Baby Daddy Stop

We’ve been saying it until we’re #0000ff in the face (nerd humor), but the image of the idiot dad on television needs to stop.

Vanity Fair Editor, Bruce Feirstein, penned a list of the “Eight Comedy Tropes That Must Die,” and – hooray – Idiot Dad is one of them. Or, in his words:

Yet, amazingly, his children are a combination of Steve Jobs, Oscar Wilde, and Socrates.

We couldn’t agree more. When dad’s a fool, but the kids are somehow smarter and more insightful, you know something’s up.

Feirstein, you might remember, also wrote a couple of Bond movies and the book Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, which was totally before our deep-reading time (the 80’s, yo!).

It’s good to see that we’re not the only ones that think Idiot Dad’s got to go. Sometimes, it’s lonely out here.