Slick Rick

Marquise Francis of theGrio offers a list of 11 10 of rap music’s “best” dads. “More than any other industry, fathers in hip-hop have a negative stigma,” says Francis, “but contrary to the stereotypes there are plenty of upstanding rap industry fathers out there.”

Spoiler alert, we’re absolutely vetoing Kanye West right now until we get some evidence otherwise.

Here’s the list, straight off theGrio, without all that nexty-clicky stuff:

  • Russell Simmons
  • Snoop Dogg – Snoop’s done, whether you’ve heard or not, some great things for his children and supports them and their sports teams.
  • Sean “Puffy”/”P.Diddy”/”Diddy”/”Diddy Dirty Money” Combs – He’s the father of a kid who earned a 3.75 GPA. He’s got to be doing something right.
  • T.I. – outside of the federal weapons and drug charges, T.I.’s done a lot of community service and provided scholarships for single parent families.
  • Ice-T
  • Master P
  • Jay-Z – Well, there’s this, but there’s also this.
  • Reverend Run (you know, the other Simmons)
  • Ludacris
  • Will Smith
  • Kanye West – I think they might have just been throwing this one out as a possible future vote. I’ma let you finish, but…

What do you think? Any rap and hip hop dads that the list didn’t catch? And Where’s Tray Chaney?