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2013 Oscar Nods to Dads Fewer Than In 2012, 2011
8 years ago

2013 Oscar Nods to Dads Fewer Than In 2012, 2011

That's My Boy

The 2013 Oscar nominations were released yesterday, and upon perusing the list, you might realize a narrative (mostly) missing that was present in the last couple of years: fathers.

By my count, the 2013 nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actor and Actress include a total of three movies about fathers. Write that number down.

The 2012 Oscar nominations (regardless of winners) mentioned more than twice as many, with seven movies whose main themes included fathers and fatherhood.

The 2011 Oscars set up fathers for a bright future with nominations of father-centric films like The Kids Are All Right, Inception, True Grit, Biutiful and Winter’s Bone. So 2012’s nominations were a natural progression. What happened in the wake of all of this amazing dadly cinema?

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