Dad Hair

Jolly Ol’ England’s Liverpool Children’s Centre just launched a new hairdressing course, but it’s not for young aspiring salon artists – it’s for fathers who want to learn how to do their kids’ hair.

Chris Cavanagh came up with the class, which started February 2, at both the Clubmoor and the Ellergreen Children’s Centres. Cavanagh has a friend whose wife passed away, and soon after, the friend needed to take his daughters to a neighbor’s house to get their hair styled.

The classes have received a warm reception – open spots filled up quickly, and double that amount applied. Cavanagh is hoping that other children’s centres in the area start classes as well.

The hairdressing class joins other “Dad’s Club” classes that the local centres have been offering since 2007. Similar programs also exist in the United States, like “Daddy Does Hair” in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

If you’re in the area and want to know more, dial 0151 233 8500 or check out the Liverpool Echo (linked below) for more info.