Lords of the Playground

UPDATE: “Lords of the Playground” is gone. Parenting.com was bought by their competitor, the similarly-named Parents Magazine, and dismantled. I’ve updated the embedded video below and removed the links to the now-defunct Parenting.com site. Original article below.

If you’re looking for a couple of quick dad-laughs, check out Parenting.com‘s webseries “Lords of the Playground”. Done in 30-second clips, the series features actors Matt Servitto and Jason Kravitz, who you’ve seen before on television.

The two play fathers on a playdate at the park, which isn’t far from their at-home roles as fathers. They both say that their kids are a source of inspiration for “Lords of the Playground”.

The best thing is the length of the episodes. The 30-second clips are just long enough for a good punchline and definitely not long enough to run it into the ground. Here’s the most recent episode, as of February 7, 2013:


If you want to see the rest of the smartly-written episodes (which will take you all of 2 minutes), head over to Parenting.com through the link below.