No Girls Undies

Back in October, 8BitDad writer Tom Burns set fire to the girl’s underwear industry by declaring that he buys boys underwear for his daughter so that she can wear the characters she’s interested in.

After weeks of research, phone calls and e-mail conversations with underwear manufacturers, Tom has a follow-up on The Good Men Project today.

Originally, Tom had no answer for his daughter when she asked why boys underwear featured all of the cool stuff she was into – like Phineas & Ferb and LEGO Star Wars. Tom’s original story was so important to other parents that it went from 8BitDad to The Good Men Project to The Huffington Post.

Now, after talking to an underwear manufacturer, he sees the complexity of the matter.

Turns out, manufacturers just make what sells, and big retailers like Target sell what their market research says will sell. Problematically, if all they’ve ever offered at retail level is pink princess undies, and consumers buy them, retail chains get the idea that pink princess undies are what consumers want, and don’t waste their money diversifying.

Read the rest of Tom’s story over at The Good Men Project, linked below. And congratulations to Tom for all of the attention he’s brought to this issue!