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My Son, the Garbage Man
7 years ago

My Son, the Garbage Man

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My Son the Garbage Man

If there’s one thing parents can do to raise a truly good-natured child, it’s to teach them to not look down on others. In an age where the unemployment is uncomfortably high and those with jobs are feeling unenthusiastic about the amount of bacon they’re bringing home, it’s important to teach your children the importance of every job out there.

A point of pride right now for me is that when asked what my four year old son wants to be when he grows up, my son has a large bank of answers – and it almost always includes being a garbage man or a gardener.

Okay, sure, he also says he wants to be a police man, a fireman, or Batman. But to me, it’s more a measure of his manhood that he includes garbage man, gardener, or even UPS man in his answers.

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