Serge Charnay

French ministers have promised talks with father’s rights groups after a father spent more than three days over the weekend on top of a crane protesting the custodial loss of his son.

The father, Serge Charnay, had lost custody of his son after being accused of kidnapping him. His son, born in 2006, has been without Charnay for two years. Charnay scaled up the 40-meter-high crane in a Nantes shipyard and hung a banner saying “Benoit, two years without a dad” and spray painting the phrase “sauver nos enfants de la justice” above his perch.

Two other men staged similar protests during the weekend, but both came down within a couple of hours when police intervened. Charnay, however, remained in the crane for over three days.

In a move that had opponents saying they were giving in to blackmail, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault agreed Monday afternoon to have Justice Minister Christiane Taubira meet with father’s rights groups like SOS Papa and SvpPapa.

When Charnay came down from the crane on Monday, he said that his protest was not “just for my personal case but for the cause of all dads.”