minnesote marriage equality rally

If there’s one thing that can make any parents feel equal to each other, it’s having their kids embarrass them in public and cause a standstill in their task-at-hand. This happened to gay dads
Dr. Paul Melchert and James Zimmerman yesterday at a marriage equality rally in Minnesota. Their sons, Emmett and Gabriel turned on the cute, and almost brought Melchart’s speech to an early close.

After seeing the antics, the audience laughed as Melchart introduced his family: “You’ve met Emmett, and his twin brother Gabriel…”

Check out the video below. This is the best thing that could have happened to a gay dad at an event like this. It just proves that we’re all equal, no matter sexual orientation. Kids will be (happy) kids, and regardless of study statistics, which can be manipulated to show any outcome, scenes like this are the real proof; loving parents of any orientation make loving kids.

Skip ahead to the 15-minute mark to watch Melchart get moated by his kid over and over:

When I’m at the grocery store, I flash the all-too-knowing “yep, me too” look to other dads and moms when our kids are holding some item (usually a glass jar) that they just won’t put down. Or when I’m out shopping and another parent’s got a kid who is screaming because they’d rather be in the basket area of the shopping cart than the seating area. Or when I’m trying to do a transaction at the bank and my son is breakdancing in the middle of the floor, beginning to take his shirt off.

(First off, I taught him that move, so I can’t be mad at him.)

But all parents just know how kids are. It’s what binds us together. I look at Melchart and Zimmerman and think “oh god, that’d be me.” And I think that’s the best thing that can happen in the marriage equality movement; Normalcy, and kids driving toy cars on their dads’ faces.