baby workout

Non-parents think that moms and dads are crazy when they say that it’s a workout just being a parent. It is! There’s no better way to shed that baby weight than to play with your baby.

Except maybe to use your baby as weights. But I digress…

NutraPlanet wanted to let us know that they’ve got irrefutable evidence that babies burn calories and they’ve got the infographics to prove it!

Want to burn an easy 100 calories? All you’ve got to do is hold a baby for 40 minutes. Want to bump that up a little? Stand for 60 minutes with a baby and you’re up to 144 calories. And if you can’t possibly be bothered to stand for an hour unless you’re in line for a neighborhood food truck (you fatso), you can sit for an hour with a baby for a 115 calorie burn.

Check out the link below for more of the “New Baby Workout”, which includes, among others: squatting with a baby, baby-chasing cardio and playing peekaboo.