kid with gun

A New Jersey father got a visit from the police and the NJ Department of Children and Families after posting a picture on Facebook of his son holding his birthday present – a .22 caliber rifle.

The New Jersey Police and the Department of Children and Families declined follow-ups with the media, but the DCF did say that they follow-up on tips they receive from the public.

Dad Shawn Moore legally bought and gave the rifle – a .22 caliber “copy” of a military assault rifle – to his son Josh for his 11th birthday, so he could have his own gun on family hunting trips.

But after Moore posted a photo of his son holding the gun on Facebook (seen above, minus 8BitDad photographic tomfoolery), the Department of Children and Families showed up with four police escorts to investigate.

Moore wasn’t at home when the investigators arrived; his wife called and he rushed home, getting his friend – a lawyer specializing in Second Amendment cases – on speakerphone.

The investigators wanted to check inside of Moore’s gun safe to see if his other firearms were registered. Coincidentally, in New Jersey, guns need not be registered with the state. Moore declined, and asked if the police had a warrant to search his home. When police admitted that they did not, Moore asked them to leave.

According to CBS Philly, nothing has happened since.

What do you think about this case? Was it right for investigators to follow-up on this tip? Is the gun cause for concern? Did the Department of Children and Families handle this correctly? Let us know in the comments!