gus and monkey

Video game reviewer (and commentary guy) Gus Mastrapa just welcomed his first son into his home a couple of weeks ago. Naturally, as a video game guy, your first thought is “this life is over.” But, as Mastrapa finds out, having a newborn is a great time for gaming, even if you don’t know what the future holds.

“I imagined a life without videogames and metal shows,” says Mastrapa in his Unwinnable piece (linked below). “I tried to imagine how I’d fit into that kind of life, not because I thought that all of those things would be gone from my life with the arrival of my new offspring, but because I had, and still do, have a hard time imagining the degree to which my life would change.”

What Mastrapa is now learning is that having a newborn is a great time for gaming. When your baby is a bundle of blankets that just eats, sleeps and fills diapers with the most foul feces the world has seen, parents are actually afforded time.

You can reasonably leave your kid in a swing for hours on end while they sleep. You can cradle your baby in your arm with a bottle propped in his mouth while you hold onto your Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. You have a valid excuse to stay up until dawn and power through a single player campaign. “I’ve already logged two hefty co-op session of Gears of War: Judgment,” Mastrapa admits.

You can even take showers! I mean, with the door open and a clear view of the swing/crib/bassinet/Boppy/whatever.

Later, when your child learns to crawl, walk and talk, you’ll have to pull away from gaming a little – because it’s a total bummer when you have to explain “dying” in a video game to a child. And an even bigger bummer when your child hears one of your video game characters scream “sh*t” and then does the same.

Coincidentally, this isn’t the first time I talked about Gus here. The last time I did, it was last March, almost to the day! He was babysitting his nephew Arthur and wondering if he too had an inner-dad.

And now here we are.

Congrats to Gus for his little “extra life”! Check out his other fatherly sentiments on Unwinnable, linked below.

(The header pic is Gus. That is not Gus’ son.)