ray lewis

Former NFL linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis, headlined the No More Excuses Men’s Conference over the weekend. The conference was held in Dallas, Texas and put on by the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

Lewis grew up without a father and told the audience about the importance of fathers teaching their sons how to be men. “I don’t care how good a mom is,” Lewis was quoted in The Huffington Post as saying, “how awesome she is, how spiritual she is. She can never teach a man to be a man.”

Lewis reportedly talked a lot about what’s it’s like to not grow up with a father figure. “I’ve never had a conversation with a man about a woman — ever. I’ve never had a man sit down and say, ‘Son, let me tell you about women’,” he said.

We recently heard this same sentiment from Jay-Z, who in a Samsung commercial, told producer Rick Rubin that he never knew how to treat a woman because his father had skipped out on their family.

Ray Lewis also spoke to ESPN about his father’s abandonment last year on E:60…


Pointing the finger in the other direction, Lewis spoke about fatherhood in January when he retired from football, except instead of talking about his father’s absence, he spoke about making sure he’s available for his own kids.

We have this contraption, the 8BitDad Grain of Salt Detector™, so take this with that, so to speak: Ray Lewis has also had a long-standing child support dispute with his ex. Take that as you will.

The takeaway here is that fatherhood is on Ray Lewis’ mind and he’s helping other men in their journeys toward involved and productive fatherhood.

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