So, you peeked and it looks like the beads are semi-melty and fusing. Carefully peel the ironing paper all the way back, then – somehow – flip your creation over on the board. Sometimes you can simply take it off the board with your hands. If you have another perler board, you can hold one board over the other and flip it all over. Anyway, get the thing flipped however you see fit. Repeat the ironing process (including the part where you don’t drop it). When you’re done, let your character creation sit with the paper on top of it for a minute or so – you want to give it a chance to set and cool.

Perler Ironing Process

This is also how I make grilled cheese.

You should give it about four minutes and twenty seconds, which is the exact amount of time it takes to listen to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “The Waiting”.

And then, voila.


Perler Mega Man

Lookin’ real DTF, Perler Mega Man.

So now you want to display your artwork proudly. Back in camp, you’d stick some of that magnetic backing on it, and remember what happened? Your awesome letter “J” you made stuck to your parent’s fridge until your stupid brother slammed the door after getting a Squeez-It, it fell and two beads broke off. Your mom was all “ohhh honey, we can fix that” and tried to re-iron it and the whole thing melted. You hated your brother for like two months and you never trusted your mom with any of your stuff again. SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T USE MAGNET BACKING.

I prefer Quake Hold. It’s the same stuff you use to hold the bottoms of photo frames on the wall or underneath a vase on the china cabinet. It’s removable, so if you decide on another option later, it ain’t no thang. Take a little bit of that Quake Hold and stick it on the back, then go stick your character on your office – I mean your kid’s bedroom – wall, and get working on your next character.

Whether you need a craft for a rainy day or just a fun afternoon geek-out session, Perler beads can (and will) entertain you and your kids while you revisit your old 8-bit past.

Have you made any cool retro video game characters from perler beads! Send us links to your creations in the comments below and be sure to share this with your crafty, nerdy parent friends!