Curious George: Simian-Soldier

In the bleak future, where apes have overrun mankind and enslaved humanity, this all makes perfect sense. But for now, you should know that The Man with the Yellow Hat is actually one of a small handful of inaugural participants in the Department of Defense’s “Simian-Soldier” project. It’s all very complicated, but The Man in the Yellow Hat had been pinched in an online piracy and hacking ring in the 90’s and as such was given an ultimatum: join the Simian-Soldier project or spend life in prison. Either way, he wasn’t to use his real name or online hacker handle ever again.

In the program, monkeys are integrated into society so that they’re able to normalize human interaction, assess threats and of course, replace human soldiers on the battlefield. Initial tests on the battlefield were cause for optimism, but the DOD found that the longer a monkey had a human companion, the more it would mimic human processes, including “thoughtful” combat.

This stage of the story is what you see in the show: The former hacker, the Man in the Yellow Hat, was told to let George explore the city himself. George was to be allowed to wander, foster friendships and experience emotion. That way – and what you were never told in the show is – when thrown onto the battlefield, George would be able to discern allies from enemies and civilians from enemy soldiers.

Curious George Angry

Is this the future soldier?

While most officials felt that monkeys would completely replace humans, it was found that a human commander was able to effectively communicate with the Simian-Soldiers via headset. As well, Simian-Soldiers were outfitted with (an advanced, highly modified) Google Glass for cross-communication of data to and from the battlefield.

Curious George Hackers

When George found the Man with the Yellow Hat’s hacking manuals, it was the beginning of the end of humanity.

The Simian-Soldier project was a success for many years until a new phase of the program took shape, based around George’s evolved intelligence. Unfortunately, the Man with the Yellow Hat was able to retrieve some of his old hacking resources. George found these and began to study them as the Man with the Yellow Hat slept. Soon, George was able to modify his Glass to broadcast to other monkeys, and unleashed a virus on the system that propagated via Wifi to every connected Simian-Soldier. Before humanity knew what had happened, the Simian-Soldiers had control over the off-the-grid training facility, which was armed to the teeth. With George leading them and teaching them to modify human technology, they were easily able to carve a hole in the military forces who’d relied so heavily on the Simian-Soldiers.

Once foreign enemies got wind of the turmoil, they attacked as well. Now fallen, the United States was completely under Simian control. Other countries fell one-by-one. Soon, humanity had been all but wiped out. The Man with the Yellow Hat was spared and looked at as the savior of the Simian cause. His whereabouts are unknown but it is said that he and George share an apartment together.