Top Celeb Dad Nipple Slips

Here at 8BitDad, we know that nothing is more delicious than celebrity dads. They’re hot and they’re good fathers, which just makes us all tingly in the right places. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find the top 5 celebrity dad nipple slips.

We can’t thank the paparazzi enough for following these dads day and night, just waiting for that perfect shot of chest-pepperoni.

These dads are always in the limelight and just couldn’t figure out how to keep their shirts on. Oh, Em Gee, you guys, happy Friday to us all, am I right or am I right? OR AM I RIGHT?

Buckle your seat belts because you’re about to ride through hottie-town, population: you.

First up, a jetsetting soccer star that splits time between Los Angeles and England – David Beckham:

David Beckham nipple

During this game in Los Angeles, his loose jersey just fell right off, causing Beckham to give the crowd more than they’d bargained for.

Neil Patrick Harris had a possibly-intentional wardrobe malfunction on national television recently:

NPH nipple

He was quoted as saying “to all of you viewers, from all of me. You’re welcome.”

Dwayne Wade might still have his NBA Championship ring, but the waves ripped his shirt right off of him:

Dwayne Wade nipple

Oh my, Dwayne! Maybe someone can lend you their towel!

When not portraying the sharp-clawed, emotionally-complicated Wolverine, Hugh Jackman takes to the beach with his family:

Hugh Jackman nipple

Too bad the paparazzi were nearby while he was changing. Jackman thought he was shielded from prying eyes, but we still got to see his sweet, sweet manchest.

Finally, and definitely not expendable, is human highlight film Terry Crews:

Terry Crews nipple

Crews was visiting the New York Stock Exchange with his pal and costar Sylvester Stallone and Stallone ripped Crews’ blouse off in front of the crowd. Onlookers were shocked and delighted.

Wasn’t that a delicious voyage into the top celebrity dad nipple slips? We’re too worked-up to keep going, so we’re going to go get a Diet Coke and take a nap. We’re spent. Happy Friday!