Fathers 4 Justice Spider-man

A father dressed as Spider-man scaled over the railing of a bridge in England, intending to hang from it – all in the name of father’s rights.

The protestor, a member of “Fathers 4 Justice”, climbed over the railing of a bridge in Taunton, England yesterday, tying a sign to the railing that said, among other things, “stop failing our children.”

Spider-man was identified only as being a father from Wellington in his 30’s who is fighting for access to his child. His only statement on record was: “[The Government] is failing children by preventing them from having contact with loving fathers. We must force change.”

Fathers 4 Justice Spider-man

Spider-man climbed over the railing of a bridge in Taunton, England. No webs were slung.

We’ve pointed to Fathers 4 Justice before because of their mix of superhero outfits and their fight for father’s rights. Most of the men that pull these sorts of stunts are at the end of their options and feel like the system has failed them.

Some wonder if the advocacy group has accomplished anything.

Police advised motorists to avoid the Taunton area Monday morning as Spider-man occupied the bridge. Traffic was back to normal by mid-day.

Dr. Octopus could not be reached for comment.

What do you think? Do you think that Fathers 4 Justice’s superhero stunts draw attention to father’s rights? Or do things like this annoy the public and make them less likely to support the cause?