New Hampshire Stabbing

One New Hampshire family is serious about the stars. So serious that a recent argument led to a father getting stabbed in the chest over which constellations he and his daughter were gazing at in the night sky.

Police got a call around midnight (which is typically still one or two hours before optimal stargazing time) about a stabbing. When arriving to the house, 49 year old Robert Svenson was laying on the floor with a stab wound in the chest.

Daughter, 22 year old Nadja Svenson, claims that her father ran into the knife. This was moments after the two amateur star-ologists had a disagreement about the placement of the stars and constellations they were viewing.

Nadja, it should be noted, has never, ever incorrectly identified a star. She will defend that fact to the death. Or to a charge of second-degree assault, which coincidentally, the police nabbed her for that night.

Browsing through the ol’ app store, there are multiple apps for star gazers. A personal favorite of mine is SkyView, which has both free and paid versions. With over 3,000 ratings, SkyView is a reliable source for star placement. A lot more reliable than, say, stabbing your father in the chest and yelling “NO, YOU BITCH, THAT’S GOMEISA, NOT PROCYON!”

Though the stabbing does really drill your point home if you’re in an area where 3G signals are a problem.

Police say that Robert Svenson will survive, and Nadja has a date in court next Thursday. Which is a shame because it will be two days after the new moon, and will only be 8% bright, providing a nice dark sky for stargazing.