Super Lunch Notes

Inevitably, we all find something to share with our kids. Right? I mean, we don’t just put our kids out on the street as babies and say “well kid, go find some interests.” For some dads, they share sports. For others, it’s video games. For others, it’s comics. Art. Movies. Working on cars. Fishing. You get the idea.

For Brent Almond, his love of superheroes and art created a – dare I say – adorbz habit of drawing “super lunch notes” for his son.

Almond is the mind behind Designer Daddy (his blog) and Design Nut (his design business). But two projects weren’t enough for Almond. That’s why now he gets up at the butt-crack of dawn to draw cute renditions of Loki, Storm, the Aquabats, the Hulk, Batman, and a myriad of other superheroes.

I got a chance to ask Almond a little about his “Super Lunch Notes“…

Thor8BD: So, let’s start easy…why superheroes?

BA: I’d been indoctrinating JJ in the way of superheroes since birth. I’m not an athlete or a sports fan, don’t really know how to fix or build stuff, but I can draw and I love comics/superheroes, so I wanted that to be my “Dad Legacy” to pass down to my son. He took to it like crazy and it was an obsession we could share — I’ve had just as much fun watching (or re-watching) all the cartoons and shows, collecting action figures, reading the kids’ books, etc. We haven’t quite progressed to comics yet — but soon!

8BD: Where did the idea of drawing superheroes on Post-its come from?

BA: With JJ starting preschool, I was very excited for him, but a little bit sad for me. He was growing up so fast and I wasn’t going to be one of the 2 people filling his brain any more! So I wanted to do something to send a little encouragement with him, and so I could be with him a bit at school.

I had seen other examples of parents putting cool notes in their kids’ lunch, particularly this guy — who is a fellow designer and illustrator. I LOVED what he did, but wanted to do my own thing to make it more personal, and not plagiarize his work. And as a typical preschooler, JJ is a picky eater, so I knew I couldn’t rely on there always being a sandwich bag.

Cyclops8BD: Did you immediately want to do the Post-its as a daily routine?

BA: I hadn’t really decided what I was going to do, so that first morning as I was scrambling around with breakfast, getting dressed AND making lunch, I dashed into my office, doodled a Batman and a “Go Get ‘Em” on a Post-it, and stuck it in his Superman lunch bag. I figured I’d at least do it the first week or so, but then he got used to, and I was having fun. It’s also become a way to help get him out the door in the morning. “Buddy, go get in the car with Papa so you can see your note!” And I’ve also gotten lots of compliments from the teachers and even other parents who’ve heard their kids talk about them.

Wonderwoman8BD: I know design guys are particular. Did you set yourself any rules? Or do you just let each day take you where it may?

BA: I had to set rules so it wouldn’t just go all over the place. And because I’m anal like that. I only use Post-it brand notes. I only draw with Sharpies (I was SO stoked when they came out with the metallics!). I only draw characters he knows. It was difficult for me, but eventually I did go outside the limits of the DC and Marvel universes. So sometimes you’ll see a Ninja Turtle, an Incredible or an Aquabat. I’m avoiding doing the Transformers because they won’t be easy to draw, and also the Power Rangers mainly because I hate them so much. But we’ll see…

8BD: How about Star Wars? Marvel is a Disney property and now Star Wars is too. Marvel’s set to take over the Star Wars comics in 2015. Will we see Darth Vader or Han Solo making an appearance soon?

Spider-manBA: In an attempt to plan ahead a bit more, I’m going to start doing theme weeks (monster week, ladies week. etc) and a couple of familiar droids will be part of Robot Week. So, yes!

8BD: Do you ever miss a day? Do you ever wake up and feel the crushing reality of the morning and just not want to draw a note?

BA: Knock on wood, I have not missed a day yet. But I do often wonder (at 6 in the am) “What the hell was I thinking?!?” But that’s why I’ve started keeping a list of ideas. I also keep telling myself I should do them the night before, but that hasn’t happened yet.

8BD: So who is JJ’s favorite superhero?

BA: Even though he’s been well educated on a wide range of heroes, there’s no fighting product marketing. He rotates between Batman, Spidey & Superman. But he knows Daddy’s favorite is Aquaman.

This is the kind of thing that every parent wishes they did – but only few step up to the challenge. Most of us have a hard time just getting up in the morning and getting our kids ready for their day. Then you’ve got Captain Overachiever here, breaking out the Sharpies and Post-its before 7am! Kudos, Brent Almond, you’re a better man than I!

You can check out all of Brent Almond’s “Super Lunch Notes” on Instagram and Facebook – and please follow and Like accordingly! Thanks to Brent for talking with us! We can’t wait to see which superheroes will show up next!

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