Thought you’d be interested in this bit of info: This Spring, an animated movie will round out the story of Batman and his son, Damian. Oh, did you not know that Batman is a father? Damian never showed up in the theatrical Batman franchise, so we don’t blame you.

Titled Son of Batman, it is a Warner Bros. Animation and DC Universe Animated Original Movie (quote-unquote) starring Jason O’Mara as Batman. O’Mara also voices the Dark Knight in another animated movie out now-ish, Justice League: War.

Son of Batman follows the story of Damian Wayne, inspired by the 2006 story arc from the graphic novel Batman and Son. And if you thought Batman had family issues before…get ready for something different.

Bruce Wayne didn’t know that he had a son. And Damian’s mom just happens to be Talia al Ghul, daughter of one of Batman’s biggest adversaries, Ra’s al Ghul. Damian was raised by Talia al Ghul (and cloned), then trained to be an assassin. Bruce Wayne was finally introduced to his son at 10 years old. And with that, Batman – Bruce Wayne, that is – took Damian under his wing so-to-speak. Bruce Wayne knew of Damian’s power and skill and appointed Damian as the fifth Robin (yeah, for those uninitiated, there were a bunch of Robins) in order to steer Damian away from an assassin’s life. Bruce intended on teaching Damian the ways of the Dark Knight – above all, that Batman doesn’t kill his enemies.

That, of course, goes over famously with a trained assassin.

Here’s a first look trailer for Son of Batman, coming this Spring:

If you can’t wait to get into the whole Damian Wayne story, get yourself a copy of Batman and Son, or – you’re in luck – for a small piece of the puzzle, DC is at the tail end of a 4-part comic, appropriately called Damian: Son of Batman. If you visit your local comic shop, you might be able to pick them all up at once.

More info will be released along with the world premiere at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, April 18-20.

Have you been following the stories of Damian Wayne through the years? What do you think? Is Son of Batman going to be a must-see?