lego marvel corrupted save

As a parent, I rarely have to shrug and say “I don’t know.” I’m the dad. I have answers! How is this like that? I know about it. Where does so-and-so come from? I’ll tell you. As many “whys” as my son can throw at me, I’ve got answers. But I didn’t really have an answer for the seemingly most insignificant question: “where did all of our guys go?

I still have no real answer. Not one that would satisfy a five year old.

When LEGO Marvel Super Heroes came out, I was excited. I was actually doubly-excited: for myself, since I’m a fan of comics and many of Marvel’s superheroes (referred from here on in this article as “super heroes” for inexplicable continuity). But I was also excited about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for my son. He’s into LEGO brick sets, and has been loving the many Marvel sets that have found their way into our house lately.

I knew this game was going to be a hit. So I bought it for him for his birthday – the first real, retail video game I’d bought for my son. And he loved it. It was tough to keep us off of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. We loved running around a digital New York and unlocking the game’s 115 characters. We oohed-and-aahed as we sunk hours into unlocking each of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and tons of others.

LEGO Marvel Kid

When Marvel fails this kid, it breaks his heart.

As my son would unlock new characters in LEGO Marvel, I’d show those characters to him in other games – namely in my old obsession, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and its newer incarnation, MvC3. My son would even impress onlookers at the comic store when he’d shout from across the room, “look! Super Skrull! Look! Deadpool! Look! Nova!” But, you know, times 100. Marvel characters have become as familiar as our family members around here…

“Hey, grampa Magneto’s got a comic coming out next month – you wanna check it out with me?”

“Uncle Spider-man’s on TV again! Want to watch him?”

“Hey dude, I found your cousin Iron Man under the couch again.”

But see, here’s the thing about the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game: it’s got glitches. I know, because the first time that our Xbox 360 froze during gameplay, I immediately googled it.