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New Dadvertising from Honey Maid Features “Wholesome” Gay Dads
6 years ago

New Dadvertising from Honey Maid Features “Wholesome” Gay Dads

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Honey Maid Wholesome Dadvertising

Three brands have included gay fathers in their television commercials in 2014 – one of which appeared in during February’s Super Bowl and the other later during the Sochi Winter Olympics. The third, a commercial for Honey Maid graham crackers, came out of the (dot dot dot) gates (whew!) this week and began airing nationally.

The spot, titled “This Is Wholesome”, shows families often left out of commercials – a punk dad, interracial parents and a gay dads.

We’ve seen interracial families emerging in commercials recently in spots by Cheerios and Swiffer, but are gay dads the hot new thing in 2014? Are brands breaking new ground with their gay-friendly advertising? Or is this just the first time we’re really looking for it?

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