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Handing Down Fun (and Teeth) is the #PowerOfDad
6 years ago

Handing Down Fun (and Teeth) is the #PowerOfDad

My favorite thing about being a father is having fun with my son. I love to laugh with him, and it certainly gets a good laugh when I go down a slide that I’m clearly too big for.

But this wouldn’t be 8BitDad without me mentioning that I remember playing video games with my dad. When I was a kid, we’d play NES adventure classics like The Legend of Zelda and StarTropics together. We’d even play Street Fighter II together later when I got a Sega Genesis.

These days, every kid’s got video games, but it’s still a special experience to share them with my son. And when my son plays games like Street Fighter IV or The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword, it reminds me of the generational link between my father and I, and my son and I.

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