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Q&A with Jimmy Ettele, The #HeroNapkins Dad
6 years ago

Q&A with Jimmy Ettele, The #HeroNapkins Dad

Hero Napkins

When you Hulksmash together unique, nerdy and lunch, you get our attention. That’s why we just knew we’d have to eventually feature a buddy of ours – Jimmy Ettele – on 8BitDad. Jimmy is a father to two daughters and during the school year, packs their lunched with classic comic book covers recreated on napkins with a ballpoint pen.

Who doesn’t love a good surprise in their lunch? Over the years, we’ve talked to two dads who have put Post-its into their kids’ lunches as well as one who just used the bag as his canvas. But this is the first time we’ve seen a napkin. We even snuck back to breakfast and talked to a dad making nerdy pancakes. Now, all we need is a dude that carves baby carrots into superheroes and we’re set.

(Spoiler alert, we know a dude that does that sort of thing, so stay tuned.)

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