Thigh Gap Celeb Dads

Celebrity dads are already crazy delicious. But now that celebrity dads are jumping on the thigh gap trend, I can’t even. You can’t even either. We all, collectively, can’t even.

Just go grab a cold drink and point a desk fan at you while you check out our sizzling hot list of celebrity dads getting in on the thigh gap trend.

Ben Affleck

Thigh Gap Affleck

Holy thigh gap, Batman! This Bruce Wayne-gonna-be is lookin’ happy and gappy walking with his daughter, Seraphina, with his morning coffee. Even that blonde woman in the background is all “MMM GAPFLECK”.

(Photo via The Daily Mail.)


Kanye West

Thigh Gap West

I’m real happy for you, and I’ma let you finish, but Kanye West had one of the best thigh gaps of all time. OF. ALL. TIME.

(Photo via Zimbio.)


Wayne Rooney

Thigh Gap Rooney

British footballer (that’s soccerer to us yanks) Wayne Rooney gives a new meaning to “the English Channel” with that sporty thigh gap. Makin’ me want to swim that English Channel straight to Gapsville, population: Wayne.

(Photo via Pop Sugar.)


Tobey Maguire

Thigh Gap Maguire

Batman isn’t the only superhero on our list. Spider-man pretended he was still in those red vinyl tights and gave everyone a glimpse at his secret identity: Gap-man. Notice his jeans are worn-in and fading everywhere there’s contact – and there ain’t no contact between his thighs ifyouknowwhatimsayin!

(Photo via The Daily Mail.)


Pete Wentz

Thigh Gap Wentz

Fall Out Boy singer Wentz looks like he’s not falling out of his jeans, which are tight enough to let daylight through his thigh gap.

(Photo via People.)


Will Smith

Thigh Gap Smith

Smith may have gotten his hand and foot imprinted into the sidewalk outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, but his thigh gap is imprinted into my fantasies. I Am Legend? More like I Have Legendarily Delicious Thigh Gap. Also, The Fresh Prince of Thigh Gap. And finally, here come the Men in Gap.

(Photo via Zimbio.)


Brad Pitt

Thigh Gap Pitt

The first rule of thigh gap is: you definitely talk about thigh gap! If you didn’t already think Brad Pitt was hot, which you did, then make him a father and then give him an industry-standard thigh gap. WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Hopefully a double helping of Brad’s thigh gap.

(Photo via Mirror Online.)

I know you’re totally spent and incapable of words at this point, so why don’t you go lay down and dream of celebrity dad thigh gap. Or if you’re all revved up and are googling more, let us know who else has a delicious dad thigh gap in the comments. Also, be sure to check our list of the top 5 celebrity dad nipple slips!