Dadvertising Hornbach

I don’t know much about Germany, but I do know about dad commercials and back-to-school. The rest, I Google.

German retailer Hornbach paired with equally-German agency Heimat Berlin to create both a back-to-school and a DIY project ad for the hardware retailer. The result is awesomely gothic.

In the commercial, a girl clad in all-black moves through her school day, surrounded by white. She stands out, and the other kids do everything to make the girl feel invisible and unwanted. Even on her walk home, it seems like no one will befriend the young girl. But back at home, dad has a surprise for her…

FYI: “Sag es mit Deinem Projekt” translates to “Say it with your project.” According to Google Translate at least.

Since I’ve got you here, captive and interested in German advertising, check out the tearjerker that Heimat Berlin made for Hornbach last year. Titled “Und was bleibt von Dir?” or “And what remains of you?” (via Google Translate), a dad walks into his house…*wipes eyes*…and…*sniff*…okay just watch:

The memory-time-travel thing always gets me.

Good job, Heimat Berlin and Hornbach. Gut gemacht.