Back in the glory days of 2010, we linked to a “Dynamic Gymnastics” video where some crazy lady whips a baby around. It was scary.

But somehow there’s a similar video that’s even worse. It will make you rethink every “flip flop over the top” you do in your local totally-not-in-the-goddamned-snow baby gym class…

Over three minutes of horrifying baby “gymnastics”. I can’t even. Can you even? I bet you can’t even.

The video was shared on LiveLeak in February, but looks like it’s got to be years old from the coloring and random film artifacts. Is there a doctor that can comment on this and let us know if this is okay for a baby or if it’s dogballs crazy? Is there a Russian that can let us know if this is a thing? If we have any readers that are both Russian AND a doctor, we’ll give you two punches on your “8BitDad Frequent Fathers” punchcard.