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Is There Room for Dad in the “Amazon Mom” Family?
5 years ago

Is There Room for Dad in the “Amazon Mom” Family?

Amazon Family

Fathers have only recently felt included in public conversations about parenthood. And while products and services have also made moves to include fathers in their branding, one is still behind the times: Amazon Mom.

The Amazon Mom service focuses on the obvious: prenatal, baby and toddler products, including discount subscriptions to diapers and wipes. But with the rise in involved fathers from across the spectrum, stay-at-home dads, work-at-home dads, gay dads and even just dads that do the family’s shopping want to know if Amazon acknowledges dad as part of the family, and have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #AmazonFamilyUS to make a point.

And thus far, Amazon has ignored it.

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