Geekiest Dads I Follow

Let me be frank with you: dads are doing cute shit and you should point at them and squeal “D’AWWWWW”. And because some of you haven’t dipped your skulls into the pantheon of cute, nerdy, loving, involved dads out there, I’m here to recommend some.

You will follow them. You will enjoy them. You will like some of their photos. These tasks will cost you nothing out of pocket, but will make their day.

I’ve made it easy for you to move down the list and follow all of these knuckleheads, and found a pic of each that I know you’ll like. You see what I do for you?

1. Bryan Ferguson

First is 8BitDad cofounder Bryan Ferguson because nepotism always pays off. Plus, dude suits up like a Stormtrooper for the 501st. Fo’ real.

2. James Estrada

This guy made an incredible Rocket Raccoon costume for his son for Halloween and has been going to Comic Cons with him. Great success!

3. Beau Coffron

I usually slap a ziplock bag of pepperoni and marshmallows into my son’s lunches. Beau made god damned Chewbacca out of peanut butter.

4. Tom Burns

Tom also writes for 8BitDad, but you might know him as the guy who ends up on those “best dads of Instagram” lists for dressing up like Princess Leia next to his daughter, dressed as Han Solo.

5. Sam of Dork Daddy

Most people like Star Wars and buy an action figure. This dude once vacationed in Tunisia, where Lucas shot the Star Wars scenes for the planet Tatooine. So there’s that.

Shhh… Stormtrooper is asleep.

A photo posted by @dorkdaddy on

6. Jimmy Ettele

We talked to Jimmy about his awesome hero napkins last year.

Tomorrow for lunch…#Hulk vs Ultron. #superheroday #heronapkins #Marvel #lunchnote A photo posted by jimmy ettele (@jetts3175) on

7. Drew Bennett

Drew’s always got the newest Skylanders figures and Funko Pop! figures, so be jelly. He also finds himself on movie press trips from time to time.

Our #freecomicbookday haul. #NX1 #Imagelogger #DITCHtheDSLR #playlikehasbro #AssembleYourTeam A photo posted by Drew Bennett (@benspark) on

8. Brent Almond

We talked to Brent last year about his awesome Super Lunch Notes, and they’re still getting better and better.

5-15-15 #supergirl is the ultimate in #GirlPower! #dc #comics #superman #hero #tv #draw #postit #sharpie #stickynote #fly A photo posted by Brent Almond (@superlunchnotes) on

9. David Abrams

You might know David as “CheapyD”, the creator of Cheap Ass Gamer. He lived in Japan for a stint and has some rad pics of Tokyo food and cars as well.

I lost

A photo posted by David Abrams (@cheapyd) on

10. Achilles Zsolti

This dude is also a member of the 501st, and his kids get into character sometimes too. He’s Australian, so because of the equator, all of his pictures are upside down. Am I kidding? I don’t know, probably.


Thanks for following these guys – I appreciate it, they’ll appreciate it, and you’ll enjoy the awesome pics they’re putting out. Know any other geeky, nerdy, offbeat or otherwise awesome dads on Instagram? Let me know in the comments!