A Maryland man who visited sick kids in the hospital dressed as Batman was killed Sunday when a car on the interstate hit his custom Batmobile.

The 51 year old man, Lenny Robinson, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Robinson’s car broke down on Maryland’s I-70 and he got out to check the engine while his car was still partially in the lane. A Toyota Camry hit his car, which then hit and killed him.

We haven’t heard much about Robinson since he was pulled over in 2012 for having a problem with his license plates. Because, obvi, the plates on his custom Lamborghini, styled like the Batmobile, would totally confuse local law enforcement.

Lenny Robinson was a father to three boys. One of his sons was obsessed with Batman, so Lenny bought a suit. When he saw how his and other kids reacted to it, he decided to visit hospitals and cheer the kids up.

Robinson spent a lot of time and money bringing gifts to terminally ill kids in local hospitals. He wasn’t in the media much because he wanted the focus to be on the kids, not himself.

Robinson’s funeral will be at noon Wednesday in Owings Mills, MD, at the Har Sinai Congregation.